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Winthrop Digital Twins


Privacy and security of our work is number one priority, all our assets are password protected and shared centrally via our client only. 

Digital twins are a great way to share progress with international partners and offers a more engaging experience for all stakeholders by offering a more immersive experience.

It creates a date stamped visual overview that can be embedded and linked to any report. Digital twins also aid with ISO standards, as it creates a full digital 360 record of every area that verifies adherence to quality management and safety protocols. This visual evidence enhances audits, risk assessments, and quality control, showcasing a commitment to construction transparency and compliance.

Ideal for Teams or Zoom 

Digital twins can also allow the company to become more sustainable, reducing the number of site visits from investors, foreign management and can also be used to view sites in hard to access locations or locations less favourable to visit on a regular basis.

Virtual Site Induction

Designed to allow new starters the opportunity to explore the site which they will work on while going through the first of 2 inductions in their native language.  

We can create different stage inductions depending on the stage of the build to reflect the level of risk relevant to the specific stage of the build. We would use existing sites to create these. 

Policies and procedures could be on display via loop video in the canteen or staff areas, again in multiple languages  

We could create a digital version of the management team to allow new starters to put a ''face to the name'' via introduction videos, or the management team could be giving the induction (only need 30 minutes to create) - all aimed at enhancing the safety side and to be more inclusive. 


Marketing: Digital twins are a compelling marketing tool for construction companies, offering an immersive, transparent view of projects. They build trust, attract clients, and showcase expertise, differentiating companies as industry leaders.

Client Engagement: Clients and investors appreciate the transparency and level of detail provided by 360-degree tours. It builds trust and confidence in the project team’s ability to deliver and can lead to repeat business and referrals.


Archiving and Historical Data: Over time, 360-degree tours become valuable historical records of the construction process. They can be archived and used for future reference, comparisons with other projects, or for showcasing the evolution of construction techniques and technology.

Montior your site with regular 360 tours – What we can supply:

  • 360-degree Digital Twin of your construction site taken at intervals to suit you, providing a complete view of progress.

  • High resoultion 4K plus images allowing you to zoom in and inspect individual elements for progress, quality and complience.

  • Interactive navigation allowing you to explore the site from different angle and viewpoints.

  • Branded portals

  • Global Coverage

  • Embed codes and weblinks to easily integrate into websites or BIM

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